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Category theory for programmers

Category Theory For Programmers is a widely known book in the programming community with snippets available in Haskell and Scala. As I was learning Category theory for work and personal interests, I decided to add the snippets in OCaml, and that effort is now complete. The pre-release version can be downloaded now.

When translated from category-theory to programming terms, the monad structure is a generic concept and can be defined directly in any language that supports an equivalent feature for bounded polymorphism. A concept's ability to remain agnostic about operational details while working on underlying types is powerful, but the unique features and. Category theory has provided the foundations for many of the twentieth century's greatest advances in pure mathematics. This concise, original text for a one-semester introduction to the subject is derived from courses that author Emily Riehl taught at Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities. The treatment introduces the essential concepts of.

This is the first motivation I have figured out why programmers should study a bit of category theory. In category theory objects are called, well, objects. Interactions between objects is called.

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Being aware of this development has led me to study and learning applied category theory, using programming language theory as an introductory lens. To reflect on categorical.

Here's a variation on the theme of continuations. Just like a continuation, this function takes a handler of a 's, but instead of producing an x, it produces a whole functorful of x 's: type Yo f a = forall x. (a -> x) -> f x Just like a continuation was secretly hiding a value of the type a, this data type is hiding a whole functorful of a 's.

Category theory also meshes nicely with the notion of an 'interface' in programming. Category theory encourages us not to look at what an object is made of, but how it interacts with other objects, and itself. By separating an interface from an implementation a programmer doesn't need to know anything about the implementation.

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